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fuel pump and fuel pump module factory;variable valve timing solenoid and cam phaser factory in CHINA Master Injection

We always believe, there is a kind of spirit, valuing every inch and penetrating into the product innovation;

We always believe, there is a kind of promise, persistently improving every working procedure and every production detail;

We always believe, there is a kind of dream, cherishing every customer and lighting up every corner of the world.

In 2003, Zhejiang Master Injection aimed to march into the auto electric fuel injection system field,

and was committed to the R&D, manufacture and service of auto electric fuel pump, electric fuel pump assembly, auto VVT (Variable Valve Timing) system, etc.with 300 workers and ocupying around 30,000 square meters

we strive to cope with the new product mold development, tooling design and manufacture.

We introduce PLM product life cycle management and have comprehensively shortened the project development period.

We design products with more advantages in structure, properties and costs for customers.

Take all vehicle structures into consideration, and inject all possible advantages into every product detail.

Focus on R&D and blaze new trails wholeheartedly.

We accelerate the pace of mechanization, automation, and information management system to be an intelligent factory.

introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and automatic production lines at home and abroad,

We will also rely on rigorous working procedures to guarantee transcendent quality.

To guarantee the quality stability and reliability of every product, we guard strict passes to our products.

In the future, we will continuously blaze new trails, provide quality products for customers, and create high values for the industry. We have been unremittingly proving that we are the well-deserved pacemaker in the auto electric fuel injection field.

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